"There Is No Frigate Like a Book"


A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Ask Dan Quayle. See what you can learn on your own by reading Dick Francis. Get away from today with Diana Gabaldon. If you like intelligent murder mysteries, Sue Grafton has a letter for you. Find your ancestors. Learn what Longshanks really did to William Wallace. Judge for yourself if John McGraw could teach George Steinbrenner a few tricks of the game. If you think Mugsy knew Baseball, you should see how MIT professors could help your team. Best--or worst of all--Santayana could be right!!!


Escape Hatches

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Reading is FUNdamental
(It will also let you hold the world in the palm of your hand)

Bill Veeck read a book a day for forty years. He also found time to write three of them, even an interesting one about shoveling horse manure. Dip into different topics. Consider Montaigne's self contemplation advice. Laugh again with Mark Twain. Introduce a toddler to Dr, Seuss. Design your own landscape. Teach yourself to surf the information highway. And don't forget the poets...

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